Yahagi Industries Co., Ltd

An automotive body prototype manufacturing company.
Together with Toyota’s history, we continue to create cars of the future.

Prototyping; Shaping the Cars of the Future

Since 1973

Yahagi Industries Auto Body Prototyping History,
as Seen in the History of Toyota Cars

Achievements Since Founding

Yahagi Industries’ Manufacturing Concept


Yahagi Industries utilizes technology developed over many years to provide a wide range of services,
from car body and parts prototyping and modification to manufacturing small-lot mass-produced parts.
The roles, facilities, and manufacturing details of each plant are introduced here.

Yahagi Industries is proud of its people, its technology, track record,
and its prototypes, which are essential for future vehicle development.
This is supported by the human resources of Team Yahagi.

What is Body Prototyping?

In Pursuit of greater Safety and Durability.


Reliable Technology and Reliable Products

Introducing Each Plant
Quality Control


The People Behind Yahagi Industries

Passing Down Technology
Traditional Baseball Club
Open Corporate Culture